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Article No. 2059

Article No. 2350

Decorative, water-based medium build stain

Article No. 2234

Decorative, solvent-based medium-solid stain with very high UV protection, universal for outdoor wood

Article No. 2652

Solvent-based, decorative oil for wooden decking & garden furniture

Article No. 2390

Water-based sealing varnish for application with paintbrush and roller

Article No. 2250

Decorative, solvent-based premium wood preservative stain for exterior wood

Article No. 2330

Weather protection paint for wood and other substrates in indoor and outdoor areas

Article No. 1826

Durable, single-component wood sealer for a natural look and two-time application

Article No. 2374

Clear, single-component sealing varnish for application by roller

Article No. 2746

For painted and stained front doors

Article No. 2257

Decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for use outdoors

Article No. 2745

For painted and stained wooden windows

Article No. 2066

Solvent-based wood preservative impregnation with preventive action against blue stain and soft rot

Article No. 7120

Water-based, quick-drying premium wood stain for professional use

Article No. 7100

Solvent-based, premium wood protection stain with increased efficacy for professional use

Article No. 7090

Water-based, all-in-one coating system with a sealing effect for high-value wooden structures

Article No. 7144

Liquid wood preservative on a solvent base with preventive efficacy against blue stain, soft rot, insects and termites

Article No. 7130

Decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors