Bernhard Remmers Prize

Company philosophy is visibly recognised

This prize is awarded for excellent craftsmanship in the monument preservation field. This idea behind the prize is to highlight great commitment to monument preservation in the future. Special emphasis is given to the recognition of craftsmanship.

The prize

The prize itself is a 30 cm high sculpture made of cut crystal that was created by the goldsmith and designer Herbert Feldkamp from Cloppenburg.

Its natural hexagonal shape is surrounded by a gold-plated metal frame. Boards made of sandstone and wood - building materials protected by Remmers products - break through the surface.

More than 50 years ago Bernhard Remmers founded today’s company Remmers GmbH, which has since dedicated itself to protecting cultural objects such as architectural and artistic monuments. Excellent restoration objects in which Remmers is participating include e.g. the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building in Berlin, the Cologne Cathedral, the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, and the Palace of the Polish State President and the Haus ten Bosch of the Dutch queen. Remmers products are also used in the world heritage temple Angkor Vat in Cambodia.

For the first time, there are two winners

Bernhard Remmers Prize

You need more than just special expertise and high-tech products to maintain old building culture, you also need social resonance. The Bernhard-Remmers prize will be awarded again for the 9th time at 1 pm on 8th November 2018. The award, which is presented every two years at the ‘denkmal’ exhibition in Leipzig, honours excellent craftsmanship work in the monument preservation field. In 2016, too, the expert jury examined numerous monument projects on behalf of the Bernhard-Remmers Academy who organised the competition.


For the first time, two winners were declared: In the ‘national’ category, the Bernhard-Remmers prize, which is awarded every two years, was bestowed to participating craftsmen and women, architects, planners and the investor of the Palmengarten Palace in Leipzig in 2016. The international prize was presented by Walter Bourichter, Advisory Council Chairman of the Bernhard-Remmers Academy, in recognition of the intensive and successful cooperation between craftsmen and women, the planner and the Oficina del Historiador, Ciudad de La Habana during the restoration of the statehouse in the Cuban capital of Havana.

Both projects stood out thanks to the first-class implementation of the maintenance concepts and, in particular, the exemplary cooperation of restorers, planners and public authorities. The Palmengarten Palace in Leipzig, which had stood empty for a long time, is a successful example of the restoration of listed early 20th century buildings. One of the biggest challenges of the maintenance concept for the Capitolio Nacional de la Habana was the intensive training of the Cuban workers on site in preparation for the complex restoration work.

At a round table chaired by the former TV host Ludger Abeln, representatives of the jury and also the participating prize-winning teams were able to speak before the prizes were handed over. There was a representative of the Oficina del Historiador, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba, who answered any questions about the Cuban project. Dr. Norbert Baron from the Agency for Construction and Monument Preservation. There was an opportunity to speak to other guests at the end of the event.


National category

Palmengarten Palace (Capa-Haus), Leipzig / D

  • L+S Denkmal Immobilien GmbH (Developer / Investor)
  • Architekturbüro Maldinger (Architect)
  • Energieberatung Preiß (Energy planning)
  • SPS Plan (Engineering office / construction management)
  • Agency for Construction and Monument Preservation Leipzig
  • Jens Barthelmes Stukkateurmeister GmbH (trade company

International category

Capitolio Nacional de la Habana, Havanna / Cuba

  • Oficina del Historiador, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba (builder / monuments public office)
  • MD Projektmanagement GmbH (planner / executor)



  • Craft company Gülzow Re-Us Malereibetrieb GmbH and Architekt Grad. Ing. Dieter Berg Bauausführungen GmbH
  • Architectural office KMH Architekten
  • Investor group Prinz von Preussen Grundbesitz AG and Terraplan Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH



  • Elziebeta Lech-Gotthardt
  • Craft company Izery
  • Carpentry shop Kazimierz Gregor Gregory



  • Qualified restorer (FH) Sebastian Endemann, steinwerkstatt Regensburg
  • Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG
  • Prof. Peter Tamm, Peter Tamm Sen. Stiftung
  • Mirjana Markovic, MRLV Architekten Markovic Ronai Voss


    Managing Director: Mikhail Golubin
  • Restoration construction company „VOZROGDENIE“
    Managing Director: Andrey Ivliev
    Managing Director: Dr. Elena Kagramanova



  • Wolfgang Wels and Giuseppe Steinkasserer
    Projects & Plans GmbH (Berlin/Germany)
  • Hans Hasselmann
    Architect (Berlin/Germany)

Bernhard-Remmers Prize 2016

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