Our products

Standard products and made-to-measure special solutions for individual requirements


Remmers Industrielacke has a very diverse range: Our core program is traditionally based in paint technology, although we also supply made-to-measure special solutions for individual requirements in addition to our standard products. In addition to the high product quality, our customers also profit from our extensive support and service competence.

One of Remmers Industrielacke’ strengths is that it is able to modify existing lacquers to specific customer wishes: Be it the required application method, the desired colour through to special properties of the finished surface. We define these precise mixes with our customers and application and drying experts.

Traditionally from the wood field, we are used to challenging and fluctuating surface qualities. Therefore, we also work successfully with glass or plastic surfaces, where we can achieve surfaces ranging from high-gloss to dull matt that meet the various durability requirements of the areas where they are used.

For decades, Remmers Industrielacke has supplied solvent-based materials for industrial painting of wood - from very fast-drying lacquers for normal loads through to

Our UV paints can be hardened with ultraviolet light in fractions of seconds. They can be formulated with solids of up to 100% and therefore represent a extremely

A mature and reliable range of stains is essential in modern furniture production that uses various colours and application methods.

Environmentally-friendly, natural look, low emission values, low-VOC, Deco-Paint-compliant that can be used universally for many application areas in the industrial

Special solutions

Remmers Industrielacke offers a wide bandwidth with respect to design and functionality. Here are some examples for special solutions from our company:

Fluorescent lacquers:
Surfaces shine in various colours from orange to blue or shine under black light

Anti-fingerprint lacquer:
Combination of effect and functionality

Special glass painting

Classic constructions of the lacquer film with extraordinary mechanical resistance as a one-coat paint system

Low-flammable systems pursuant to DIN 4102 Fire class B1, IMO (suitable for ship interior finishing), DIN EN 13501-1

Oils with a high percentage of renewable raw materials and thanks to acrylated linseed oil derivatives UV-dried