Impregnation process of construction timber

Combined with construction measures, they offer optimum indemnity

Even after the new version of the DIN 68800 Remmers still stands for the serious use of chemical wood preserving agents and the greatest possible level of indemnity - in particular for structural timber! The very economic wood preserving agents of the series Adolit BQ for use in an immersion procedure combined with constructive measures offer optimum indemnity.


Facts about the new DIN 68800

  • Infestation cannot be ruled out in most construction methods
  • Technically dried wood can be infested by insects and fungi
  • Use of the wood preserving agents in combination with construction measures offers optimum indemnity - also for battens in the roof and wall
  • Use of wood preserving agents is expressly allowed by the current law and the DIN 68800

Liability & risk

  • Reduction of the protection goals to structural stability (protection against construction damage) does not necessarily lead to exclusion of liability under contract law
  • The supplier is liable for any deficient work - the norm does not protect him
  • Work carried out without any wood preserving agents can represent a higher economic risk
  • Necessary wood preservation measures always need to be agreed in writing with the customer