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Balcony, terrace and gallery floors

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Balconies and patios are very popular in the summer; and to ensure that these areas are not spoiled by repair work, they are usually repaired in autumn or spring.

This requires suitable systems that give the owner and professional a good feeling so that the work can be completed even in poor weather. This specified flexibility is provided by e.g. the Remmers Quick-Protect-System. It stands out thanks to its processing time which gives the user the possibility to process details on a balcony carefully and calmly. Despite this, the system can be walked across or coated over within 2 hours under normal temperatures. The Quick-Protect-System also offers additional acceleration that gives the advantage of fast full hardening even if there is a threat of rain or cold seasons (0 - 3 °C).

These settings that can set to match the object allow the system to coat balconies and patios within one day so that the periods of non-use can be kept to a minimum for the owner.

Fire test and slip-resistance classes have been completed for the Remmers Quick-Protect-System.

Balcony, terrace and gallery floors

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