Lime paint system

Rediscovering tradition - based on dispersed white hydrated lime

The ‘restoration and preservation of art and cultural assets’ department at the Polytechnic of Cologne developed a new preparatory method for lime at the end of the 90s. Thanks to the ‘dispersion’, the familiar and proven properties of the lime binding agent are combined with the possibilities of today’s technology to remedy the classic disadvantages.

Thanks to the successful symbiosis of proven tradition and modern insights, the Remmers Historic Lime paint system is an excellent way of restoring the historical building substance to its former glory.

Advantages of the Historic Lime Paint system

  • Accelerated carbonation (hardening)
  • Increased binder capacity for pigments
  • Good adhesion with the substrate
  • Scrub resistance
  • Increased weather resistance

The system comprisesof the following components

  • Lime paint
  • Lime slurry
  • Lime filler
  • Lime filler - fine

Lime paint system

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