For strong adhesion bridges for the following coatings

Induline primers ensure good adhesion of the subsequent coatings on the subsurface. This is a basic requirement for durable surfaces. Also, the Induline primers assume other functions depending on the required surface or type of wood.

Customer benefits in detail:

  • Process-stable during application, optimum flow properties and minimisation of the sanding effort
  • Glazing Induline primers: brilliant glaze finish & UV protection thanks to highly-transparent iron oxide pigmentation
  • Optimum pore filling and welling of hard woods: for very aesthetic surfaces
  • White Induline primers: Insulation of substances in the wood


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Article No. 3488

Water-based primer with protection against soft rot and blue stain

Article No. 3478

Water-based, white primer with a film preservative

Article No. 3201

Water-based, translucent primer with film preservative

Article No. 3385

Water-based coat with blue stain protection for use on wood in outdoor areas