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Solvent-based PUR coatings

Highly durable and functional

The two-component PUR coating systems is designed for painting wood & wood construction materials used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and in the fields of interior decoration,
shop fitting & trade fair stands, and ship fitting. It also offers uncomplicated solutions for painting glass, various plastics and various metals.

Remmers 2K-PUR glass painting

The Remmers 2K-PUR coating system leaves nothing to be desired when painting valuable furniture in the kitchen, bathroom or living area. The range stands out thanks to the following properties:

  • Full range of two-component coating systems for transparent and opaque surfaces of any kind
  • For uncompromising highly resistant and functional surfaces (e.g. anti-fingerprint & Anti-scratch paints)
  • Very effective for natural looks and raw wood effect painting (cloth matt surface - looks and feels like unpainted wood)
  • Usually economic, light-fast and economic acrylate products (‘10:1’)
  • Apart from a few special paints, all paints can be processed with the same hardener components - this is economic and prevents errors

  • Excellent processing and flow properties
  • A large part of the products has been assessed with respect to the fire behaviour (flame retardant)
  • Modular range structure: with special additives, wood and wood construction materials and also plastics, metals and glass can be painted with standard products
  • The range is rounded off with high-filling and rational special products for primers, fillers and high-gloss paints
  • The tones of all colour paint systems can be modified in fully automatic toning stations - this ensures very fast material availability

General processing information PUR paints

2-component PUR paints may be the right choice for many applications if the following points are observed.

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Solvent based PUR coatings

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Article No. 197501

Lightfast isocyanate for hardening PUR varnishes

Article No. 195502

Article No. 194201

Additive for producing textured coatings

Article No. 324984

Additive for improving the adhesion of selected coatings on selected metals

Article No. 180101

Flame-resistant, light-fast, two-component colour varnish with excellent hiding power

Article No. 200505

Low-flammability 2K finish, especially suited to use in public facilities