Water vapour permeable floors

Systems to protect against rising damp and heavy loads

The versatile solution

Breathable floor coatings have a long tradition at Remmers. For more than 20 years, we have championed the development of low-emission and AgBB-tested waterbased epoxy systems. In particular, thanks to their solvent-free ad plasticiser-free product components, waterbased coating systems provide a pleasant climate during processing and subsequent use.

This group of products can also be used safely on critical substrates e.g. calcium sulphate screed; magnesite screed and concrete that is in contact with the ground, so that there are no problems with the so-called osmotic blistering as a result of the water vapour diffusibility.

Increasingly water emulsifiable epoxy resins are being used in underground car parks where diffusion capability and resistance are important issues. These systems have also been tested by Remmers as an OS 8 surface protection system.

Water vapour permeable floors

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Article No. 6001

Pigmented, water-based primer

Article No. 6380

Water-based, pigmented, silk-gloss sealant

Article No. 6370

Water-based, pigmented, matt sealant

Article No. 6271

Polymer granules

Article No. 6320

Water-based, pigmented levelling layer and base coat

Article No. 3633

Transparent, silk matt sealant

Article No. 3631

Slip-resistant, silk-matt sealant

Article No. 6735

Anti-slip, transparent sealant

Article No. 6301

Coloured flakes for fully broadcast blinding

Article No. 6225

Coloured flakes for fully broadcast blinding

Article No. 6720

Coloured flakes for contrast blinding

Article No. 260330

2 Component, solvent free, self levelling polyurethane with good UV stability

Article No. 6831

Pigmented roller coating (high build coating)