From corrosion protection through to coating in just one day

The production of pressure- resistant building components made of water-resistant mortars and stone blocks that harden in formwork became established in the 1st century a.C and later became the standard for late Roman-Imperial architecture. Today’s word ‘concrete' from the Roman word ‘opus caementitium’ based on Vitruv has been used to erect fantastic and monumental construction works throughout Europe that can still be visited today even 2000 years later: Temples, theatres, cisterns, aqueducts, waste water systems, thermal springs, roads, ports, bridges, tunnels and homes.

The concrete construction method was forgotten in the Middle ages and was rediscovered around 1700. Since then, concrete has become the building material of our time.

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials. Due to growing demands, this three-substance system, which has been known for centuries, has become a system that fulfils modern construction demands due to the use of concrete admixtures and additives.

Concrete can be used for various areas of application. From the highest design requirements and use in exposed concrete façades through to multiple daily use of formwork tables in the prefabricated industry.

Concrete Repair and Protection

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Article No. 418001

Article No. 108425

Fibre-reinforced PCC/SPCC (RM/SRM) for the static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 687101

Highly flexible 2K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

Article No. 687001

Flexible, moisture-reactive 1K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

Article No. 064205

Primer with hydrophobic effect

Article No. 232303

Weather protection paint for wood and other substrates in indoor and outdoor areas

Article No. 297613

Highly elastic facade coating

Article No. 072005

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base

Article No. 092084

Two-component corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete repairs

Article No. 091901

Corrosion inhibition additive for Betofix RM/Betofix R2

Article No. 108725

Mineral corrosion protection and bonding layer

Article No. 090084

Solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin