Mould restoration render

Water vapour permeable with good capillary-conductivity; accelerates drying of moist areas

The classic type

Getting rid of mould permanently

SP Top SL is suitable for single-layer coats that are 20 to 50 mm thick. The hardened render is water vapour permeable, has a good capillary conductivity and accelerates drying of moisture surfaces. It also has heat insulating properties thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient. This raises the temperatures on the surface of the internal walls and reduces relative humidity to prevent the creation of spores. Thanks to the combination of capillary conductivity and water absorption capability, SP Top SL is able to discharge water so that it is no longer available to micro-organisms that trigger condensation processes even in unfavourable internal or external climatic conditions.

All the above-mentioned characteristics of SP Top SL inhibit mould infestation. Due to its low weight per unit area and favourable deformation behaviour, the mould restoration render can also be used on low-strength surfaces with low load-bearing capacities, e.g. historical buildings. It can be applied on all mineral, render-suitable wall building material and render surfaces to repair walls prone to mould, to avoid condensation processes and to allow energetic restoration.

All benefits at a glance

  • Total pore space approx. 80 %
  • Heat insulating
  • Lambda = 0.125 W/(mK)
  • Sorptive water absorption of 1.3 l/m² at 80 % rel. humidity for a layer thickness of 2 cm
  • Optimum water discharge during the ventilation intervals

Mould restoration render

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