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‘iQ-Lator’ application software

Stationary calculations acc. To DIN 4108-3

iQ-LATOR 2.0 is an innovative program for hygrothermic calculation, optimization and is used to verify multi-layer, outside wall constructions, in particular for capillary-active materials. It allows stationary calculations of multi-layer, one-dimensional constructions (walls, roofs, etc.) acc. to DIN 4108-3. In contrast to the traditional Glaser method, the calculation algorithm that is integrated in the iQ-laboratory also takes the transportation of liquid water into the account.

News at a glance for version 2.0

  • Heat flux directions can be selected, resulting calculation parameters are automatically pre-set
  • Simple clear surfaces
  • Bilingual setting possible, (German/English)
  • Broad-based material database
  • Company logos can be integrated
  • A new configuration dialogue allows many individual user, general and printing settings to be made
  • Underlying climate conditions for different norms can be selected (DIN 4108-2 thermal protection, DIN 4108-8 Mould, DIN EN ISO 6949 for energy certificates (internationally valid))
  • Output data possible according to different norms 4108-2 (2013 / 2014)
  • Heat transfer resistance for cavity walls are calculated
  • iQ-Lator supports Mac and Windows operating systems

iQ-Lator order form / material data packages

The iQ-Lator can be ordered as a full version, incl. the previously installed material database of different building and insulating materials, for a licence fee of 180.59 Euros plus VAT/licence. It is also possible to supplement other material indicators individually as required.

In addition to the material indicators included in the iQ-Lator, you can also purchase other material data packages here

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The MASEA database (material data collection) developed during the research project for the energy-saving renovation of old buildings contains the material data used for the iQ-Lator. This is an extensive collection of characteristic material indicators and is freely accessible online at Please note the selected physical variable units and the factors that need to be taken into account for the conversion!

Free download of demo version