Quality & environment

Our quality, environment and occupational safety management policy

Acting and thinking sustainably

We have a special responsibility to protect the environment and each of us contributes to this at our workplaces. We do not just pay lip service to the concept of promoting the sustainability of our company, this is one of the fundamental goals in all areas. By 2025 we want to further improve efficiency with respect to how we use raw materials and energy carriers without compromising on performance and quality. With regard to our product range, we want to establish new products in the market that meet even the strictest of ecological and consumer protection demands. We will continue to disclose our progress in this field in our annual reports.

For a medium-sized family-run company like Remmers, the planned and transparently managed improvement of our sustainability is a core company goal and is therefore permanently anchored in our mission statement.

As part of the "Integrated Management System" established at Remmers, we have had our continuous improvement audited annually for over 20 years by independent, renowned auditors.


Sustainable products

The Remmers [eco] brand embodies responsible handling of resources, humans and nature, both internally and externally. Products with this mark of quality are part of the overall Remmers range.

Remmers [eco] stands for modern, future-oriented and sustainable handling, and applies to the product, production, purchasing, research & development, and logistics and sales divisions.

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Milestones of the integrated management system

We ensure that our continuous improvement is reviewed every year by independent, reputed auditors as part of the ‘Integrated Management System’ established at Remmers. Continuous improvement in the field of quality, environmental protection and health & safety - certified for more than 25 years!

  • 1993: Certified quality management acc. to ISO 9001 for partial areas of production
  • 1994: Certified quality management acc. to ISO 9001 for the entire company
  • 1996: Certified environment management system acc. to EMAS III for the production site in Bad Düben
  • 1997: Certified environment management system acc. to EMAS III for the entire company
  • 2000: Certified environment management system acc. to ISO 14001 for the entire company
  • 2005: Certified quality, environmental protection and health & safety management (OHSAS / BS 18001)

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The Remmers mission statement

The policy statement of the Remmers Gruppe AG outlines the principles and mission of our quality, environment and occupational safety management systems and forms a framework within which we can define our goals and assess the level of achievement. This policy underscores our commitment to customer orientation and the continuous improvement of all company processes. Product quality, competitiveness, innovation, occupational safety and environment protection are the basis for the future survival of our company and form the essential basis of our success. The companies within the Remmers Group provide intelligent solutions with innovative products and made-to-measure services. This opens up opportunities for success by means of trusting and reliable partnerships with our customers.

The focus of all our actions is our customer base and ensuring customer satisfaction, the continuous improvement of our management system, the avoidance of injuries and illnesses among our workforce, continuous improvement of health and safety, and also the improvement of our ecological footprint by handling resources economically. At work we avoid any kind of discrimination e.g. with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age. In our company we ensure that none of our employees are subject to abuse or harassment.

Compliance with all legal obligations relating to our competition, environmental and occupational safety-relevant work, as well as any voluntary obligations is monitored and/or we regularly monitor the established processes to ensure compliance. Specifically, this means we guarantee that we do not carry out, encourage or tolerate any acts of corruption or other benefits.

The steps that need to be taken in the event of breakdowns and emergencies are clearly listed in emergency plans and in an internal reporting guideline, as well as a safety concept. We continuously analyse and check the impact of our activities on humans and the environment. We concentrate here on testing and optimising our products and production processes with respect to their quality and environmental compatibility, the minimisation of harmful influences on the environment for all activities and the economic and careful use of resources.

Our company policy is based on the principles of the Corporate Governance of the G20 and/or the OECD, last revised in 2015. We have defined our long-term company goals; they are documented in the "Remmers Vision 2025” for our own workforce and also the public.

Documented improvement of our environment performance

Remmers’ commitment to continuous improvement, also with respect to our footprint, is much more than just lip service. We continuously assess our improvement potential and use this to set ourselves new goals each year. We have proven that the action we then take leads to documented and continuous improvement of our environmental performance as shown in our environmental statement.


Quality by Remmers is not a coincidence, it is the result of teamwork, competence and care. No production charge ever leaves the plant without having been tested carefully. Customers are becoming more demanding, the production tests are, too. The objective is not to reach a goal that is continuously decreasing in size by carrying out increasingly complex corrections, on the contrary:

The less corrections required, the better this is for a constant level of product quality. This can be achieved by ensuring that all interfaces interlock seamlessly. Finally, our concept rounds off the quality of the sales team by means of a high-performance network of specialists that work closely with industrial, craft and DIY sectors.

industrial warehouse

Quality begins in the purchasing department with the selection of suppliers and raw materials.

Employees in the laboratory

The quality principle carries on during the development and practical testing of the product formulas by the research and development department.

Remmers also focuses on quality in production. Remmers continuously invests in state-of-the-art production systems and concepts. The result: extremely stable and reproducible processes.