Power Protect is a natural product made of modified perlite, a volcanic glass, and is a verifiably responsibly produced product. This is why it bears the ‘Blue Angel’ stamp. The ‘Blue Angel’ is only awarded to products that meet strict environment, health&safety and functional properties, and is a reliable indicator and guide line for ecologically sound purchase decisions.


The Remmers Power Protect System

Remmers Power Protect is a complete system for ecologically and economically sustainable mould restoration. Thanks to the unique composition of innovative mould restoration boards, the entire system ensures efficient humidity regulation and therefore a pleasant room climate and protection against mould.

  • Environmentally compatible and sustainable product
  • Labelled with the Blue Angel and the [eco] label
  • Better heat insulation [λ = 0.05 W/(m•K)] as calcium-silicate boards [λ = 0.069 W/(m•K)]
  • Lightweight but very stable product
  • Easy handling and processing
  • Small batch sizes (suitable also for small projects)
  • All system products from one source

How does Remmers Power Protect work?

The Remmers Protect System combines various hygrothermic material properties. It solves moisture problems (e.g. the creation of condensation and external moisture penetration) by boosting the transportation of the moisture toward the room and accelerating evaporation. The surface remains permanently dry therefore removing the basis for the existence of mould spores.


[eco] is always the right choice

Mould restoration

Many mould restoration systems promise to tackle the cause of the mould infestation. However, frequently, compromises need to be made with respect to health safety, environment-compatibility and sustainability. This is why Remmers developed the Power Protect System. The supplement [eco] stands for absolute sustainability and a positive ecological footprint.

The Remmers Protect System does not release any damaging or allergenic substances. The mould restoration boards have extremely low emissions, prevent the creation of condensation on the wall surface, and ensure efficient humidity regulation in the building. They are also easy and safe to process. For a natural fee-good climate and better quality of life in your own four walls.

Power Protect

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