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Because dirt is not protection!

Efflorescence has become a more frequent occurrence on new brick façades in recent years. This is the result of an excessively high level of moisture absorption in the masonry during the construction phrase during which the brickwork cannot always dry quickly after the mortar has been applied and therefore the lime content in the mortar cannot set.

Another factor could be the high level of water permeability in the mortar joints and the cavities in the joint network. One initial, simple but effective preventive measure is to simply cover the unfinished brickwork when it rains. A second option would be to apply the pointing during a dry period and not during or shortly before the cold damp weather period.

If these points are not taken into account, a white smear of lime is created on the façade usually at the start of the warm period that follows the pointing. These are usually harmless but unsightly and must therefore be removed. For this purpose, a weak acidic cleaning agent can be used or alternatively the Rotec Soft Whirl Jet blasting technique, which is also used in the preservation of monuments.


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