Concrete Repair and Protection

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Article No. 6872

Rigid two-component epoxy injection resin

Article No. 6500

High-quality, pure acrylate facade paint

Article No. 6490

Quartzite filled, fibre-reinforced intermediate coating for levelling out concrete surfaces

Article No. 0556

High-strength, swellable grouting concrete

Article No. 0554

Swellable packing mortar with high early strength

Article No. 0920

Two-component corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete repairs

Article No. 0642

Primer with hydrophobic effect

Article No. 0720

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base

Article No. 0900

Solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin

Article No. 0919

Corrosion inhibition additive for Betofix RM/Betofix R2

Article No. 0941

Two-component, lightweight epoxy resin mortar for repairing concrete