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The complete range of services for stairs

Remmers offers a complete range of products and services for the coating of wooden stairs, which exactly meets the needs of craftsmen and semi-industrial wooden staircase manufacturers. The enormous performance of the product solutions is based, among other things, on the close cooperation with the wood trade and the wood industry.


Your advantages of the coating systems for stairs at a glance:

  • High-quality products
  • Simple and safe systems
  • Time-saving finishing with little sanding
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Area-wide cooperation
  • Special detailed solutions
  • Comprehensive services

High-performance 1K-Aqua varnishes "2K-Ready"

Remmers is the water-based varnish specialist for the wood sector and a leader in the wood trade and industry. Due to decades of experience in the areas of industrial window coatings, wood coating systems and interior wood varnishes, we know exactly what we are doing: Our 1-component aqua varnishes for carpenters, joiners and staircase construction are already particularly high-performance by nature.

In the staircase area, they score among other things with good abrasion and hand cream resistance. Expensive hardener components with all their disadvantages (e.g. pot-life-related rejects and future training obligations) are generally not necessary. Selected varnishes are also "2K-Ready": i.e. by adding the isocyanate-free Aqua VGA-485 Cross-Linking Agent & Glass Lacquer Additive, these lacquers are further upgraded. The resistance to household chemicals and mechanical stress as well as the adhesion properties on glass are in some cases significantly increased.


Oils and waxes

Based on natural oils and waxes, Remmers offers colourless and pigmented alternatives to conventional varnishes for furniture, complete interior finishing, wooden floors and the finishing of wooden stairs.

The products score points for their particularly natural look and feel. They are characterised by rational processing properties and - for this product category - very good durability.

The sustainability of products is also becoming increasingly important. In the Remmers [eco] product line, we also offer product alternatives for wooden stairs based on renewable raw materials and for a high level of safety in terms of healthy living.

Radiation-curing varnish systems

Over the decades Remmers has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of UV varnish systems for the woodworking industry. Our UV varnishes can be used in a wide range of applications and applied in a variety of ways.

By irradiating them with ultraviolet light, they cure in a fraction of a second. In addition, they can be formulated with solids of up to 100 %, making them an extremely low-VOC coating class.


In close cooperation with the associations

For the research and development of innovative product solutions in the field of wood surfaces, a well-founded transfer of knowledge and constructive exchange between different companies, master craftsmen, industry experts and product users is indispensable. This is why Remmers has been represented in various associations and institutions for many years.

The focus of activities is the organisation and implementation of training courses as well as lectures at meetings and specialist conferences, the individual consultation of guild companies as well as the support of funding programmes.

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