Coatings for windows and wood elements

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Article No. 3098

Water-based, white sealing primer for spray application

Article No. 3056

Water-based, opaque intermediate and finishing coat applied by spraying

Article No. 2482

Water-based, insulating thin-film lacquer for primer, intermediate and finishing coat

Article No. 0978

Cleaning and thinning agent

Article No. 1725

Opaque, water-based intermediate and finishing coat for spraying

Article No. 1827

For producing a brushing quality from spraying quality using Induline Mix & Go brushing additive

Article No. 1764

Water-based, opaque intermediate and final coat for front doors with increased resistance to scratches and hand cream

Article No. 1633

Article No. 1879

Lacquer component containing special additives that allows house doors initially lacquered in the factory to be freshened up on site after installation (Induline DW-625 & LW-725)

Article No. 1798

Water-based, varnishing intermediate and final coat especially suited to electrostatic spraying

Article No. 1636

Water-based, transparent sealing filler for spraying methods

Article No. 1641

Water-based pre-greying stain for exterior wood