Coatings for windows and wood elements

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Article No. 3941

Article No. 7380

Universal alkoxy-cross-linking silicone sealant

Article No. 7732

Acrylic dispersion with special additives, free from solvents and plasticisers

Article No. 7950

Water-based, translucent primer with film preservative

Article No. 7740

Water-based opaque coating made from renewable raw materials for interior and exterior wood

Article No. 7200

Water-based topcoat for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 2746

For painted and stained front doors

Article No. 2745

For painted and stained wooden windows

Article No. 3070

Opaque water-based industrial intermediate coating and finishing coat for spraying

Article No. 7918

Water-based, opaque sealing filler applied by spraying

Article No. 7920

Water-based natural effect varnish for dimensionally stable wood building elements directly or indirectly exposed to weathering

Article No. 7220

Water-based high-build stain with very good levelling properties for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 3098

Water-based, white sealing primer for spray application

Article No. 3056

Water-based, opaque intermediate and finishing coat applied by spraying

Article No. 2482

Water-based, insulating thin-film lacquer for primer, intermediate and finishing coat

Article No. 3495

Elastic moisture protection for frame connection joints on wooden windows and doors

Article No. 3900

Opaque, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 3781

Water-based impregnation agent for protection against soft rot, blue stain, insects and termites