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Article No. 3802

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 3806

Isocyanate for hardening Aqua varnishes

Article No. 3900

Opaque, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 3882

Water-based stain for softwood (reactive dyes for a pronounced positive effect)

Article No. 3840

Water-based pigment stain for universal use

Article No. 3868

Highly effective cleaning product for tools and equipment

Article No. 5130

Two-component, cloth matt topcoat with excellent scratch resistance for extreme mechanical stresses

Article No. 3869

2K flame-resistant coating lacquer for highly durable finishes

Article No. 3996

Water-based, transparent intermediate & finishing coat for wood/aluminium building elements

Article No. 3875

Matting paste for water-based coating materials

Article No. 5309

Clear, single-component finish for a natural wood look with high durability

Article No. 5100

Resource-conserving, water-based, transparent intermediate and finishing coat for wood-aluminium building elements

Article No. 5105

Water-based, cloth matt, transparent coating for wood/aluminium windows and other building elements

Article No. 5310

Transparent, single-component finish with high durability

Article No. 3786

Water-based, clear impregnation, primer and sanding primer

Article No. 1368

Stripping agent and graffiti remover

Article No. 0978

Cleaning and thinning agent