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Article No. 3400

Translucent, water-based intermediate and finishing coat for spraying

Article No. 3440

Water-based special coating to prevent bleeding of substances in wood

Article No. 3488

Water-based primer with protection against soft rot and blue stain

Article No. 3777

Protective agent for end-grain wood on a water base

Article No. 3776

Water-based impregnation agent for protection against rot and blue stain

Article No. 3820

Extremely fast-drying, clear 1K finish

Article No. 3802

Single-component, fire-resistant, light-fast, durable colour varnish

Article No. 3806

Article No. 3201

Water-based, translucent primer with film preservative

Article No. 3024

Article No. 3478

Water-based, white primer with a film preservative

Article No. 3453

Transparent, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 2746

For painted and stained front doors

Article No. 2745

For painted and stained wooden windows

Article No. 3385

Water-based coat with blue stain protection for use on wood in outdoor areas

Article No. 3070

Opaque water-based industrial intermediate coating and finishing coat for spraying

Article No. 7380

Universal alkoxy-cross-linking silicone sealant