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Article No. 3201

Water-based, translucent primer with film preservative

Article No. 3882

Water-based stain for softwood (reactive dyes for a pronounced positive effect)

Article No. 3024

Algicidal and fungicidal properties for MB 2K, dispersion paints and water-based stains

Article No. 3478

Water-based, white primer with a film preservative

Article No. 3249

Additive for improving the adhesion of selected coatings on selected metals

Article No. 3840

Water-based pigment stain for universal use

Article No. 3453

Transparent, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 3463

Water-based intermediate and final coat for an oiled effect on dimensionally stable building elements; for immersion and flow coating

Article No. 3868

Highly effective cleaning product for tools and equipment

Article No. 3256

Improves the resistance and adhesion to glass of selected 1K Aqua lacquers

Article No. 3261

Article No. 3385

Water-based coat with blue stain protection for use on wood in outdoor areas

Article No. 3869

Two-component, flame-resistant coating lacquer for highly durable finishes

Article No. 3461

Water-based intermediate and finishing coat to create an oiled look on dimensionally stable wood building elements, applied by spraying and brushing

Article No. 3996

Water-based, transparent intermediate & finishing coat for wood/aluminium building elements

Article No. 3875

Matting paste for water-based coating materials

Article No. 3070

Opaque water-based industrial intermediate coating and finishing coat for spraying

Article No. 3451

Water-based surface protection for decking boards