Inorganic thixotropic agent

Article No. 1221

Quick-setting waterproofing filler

Article No. 0423

Waterproofing filler with high sulphate resistance

Article No. 0426

Single-component flexible waterproofing grout

Article No. 0445

Quick-setting plugging mortar

Article No. 1010

Article No. 0424

Rigid mineral waterproofing grout with high resistance to sulphate

Article No. 0430

Quick-setting waterproofing mortar for grouting and filling with high sulphate resistance

Article No. 0429

Mineral waterproofing render

Article No. 0428

Water stop used for sealing movement joints in areas subject to heavy loads

Article No. 4807

High-quality, premium waterproofing tape based on nitrile rubber and coated with non-woven fabric

Article No. 5071