Two-component, solvent-free, polymer-modified thick bitumen coating with rubber granulate filler

Article No. 0886

PC 2K 45

Two-component, lightweight epoxy resin mortar for repairing concrete

Article No. 0941

PC 2K 75

Two-component, solvent-free, heavy-duty epoxy resin mortar

Article No. 0943

PC Primer 2K

Solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin

Article No. 0900


Two-component corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete repairs

Article No. 0920

PP Fill

Surface filler and fine plaster in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 0261

PP Fix

Bedding mortar in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 0260


Elastic joint sealing compound based on PUR synthetic resins

Article No. 7630

PUR Adhesion Promoter OS 11

Solvent-based adhesion promoter

Article No. 6072

PUR Aqua Color Top 2K M

Pigmented, silk-matt sealant

Article No. 3682

PUR Aqua Top 2K M Plus

Slip-resistant, silk-matt sealant

Article No. 3631

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Transparent, silk-gloss sealant

Article No. 3681

PUR Aqua Top 500 2K M

Transparent, silk-matt sealant

Article No. 3633

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Aqueous, transparent, two-component sealant

Article No. 3673


Article No. 6065

PUR Deco Color New

Decorative coating

Article No. 6674

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Anti-slip, transparent sealant

Article No. 6735


Article No. 6330

PUR Uni Color

Tough coating

Article No. 6800

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Article No. 1205

Pflasterfugenmörtel M

Article No. 0330

Pourable PUR 2K

Self-levelling, 2-component joint sealing compound on a PUR base

Article No. 7550

Power Protect P 25 / P 40 [eco]

Insulating board for environmentally sustainable mould control

Article No. 0262

Power Protect R 15 [eco]

Reveal board in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 0265

Power Protect W 30 [eco]

Wedge-shaped insulating board in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 0264

Primer Hydro F

Water-based primer with a strengthening effect

Article No. 2842

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Primer based on PUR solid resin and organic solvents

Article No. 7530

Primer SV

Deep primer with waterproofing and consolidating effect

Article No. 6438

Protective Coating

Solvent-free bitumen emulsion

Article No. 0824