EB Tape 20

Article No. 4591


Article No. 0871

Entraining Agent

Mortar improver, mixing aid, air-entraining agent and shrinkage reducer

Article No. 0120

Epoxy AS Color

Article No. 6975

Epoxy BS 2000

Pigmented, water-based primer

Article No. 6001

Epoxy BS 2000 transparent

Water-based impregnation agent and primer

Article No. 6011

Epoxy BS 3000 M

Water-based, pigmented, matt sealant

Article No. 6370

Epoxy BS 3000 SG

Water-based, pigmented, silk-gloss sealant

Article No. 6380

Epoxy BS 4000

Water-based, pigmented levelling layer and base coat

Article No. 6320

Epoxy CF 100

Set for frictionally coupled crack filling

Article No. 6089

Epoxy Conductive

Water-based transverse conducting layer

Article No. 6671

Epoxy ESD Color 3K

ESD-compliant coating

Article No. 6668

Epoxy FAS 100

Special, substrate-tolerant primer

Article No. 0916

Epoxy Flex PH

Pigmented, self-levelling coating

Article No. 6250

Epoxy MT 100

Fast primer for for slightly moist substrates

Article No. 0936

Epoxy OS Color

Pigmented coating

Article No. 6980

Epoxy Primer PF

Pigmented primer and base layer

Article No. 1224

Epoxy Quick 100

Fast-reacting primer and mortar resin

Article No. 0899

Epoxy Quick Fix

Fast-reacting synthetic resin mortar

Article No. 6272

Epoxy SIC Color

Article No. 6840

Epoxy ST 100

Transparent priming and mortar resin

Article No. 1160

Epoxy ST 100 TX

Thixotropic primer resin

Article No. 1157

Epoxy UV 100 New

Transparent epoxy resin with a low tendency to yellow

Article No. 6344

Epoxy UV 100 TX

Thixotropic binder

Article No. 6300

Epoxy Universal

Crack-bridging protective coating

Article No. 5590

Epoxy WHG Color

Chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

Article No. 1428

Epoxy WHG Color AS

Conductive, chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

Article No. 1431

Estrich  Schnellzement

Article No. 2814


Article No. 0910