Bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal combination product for cleaning and priming building materials with and at risk of green discolouration

Article No. 0673

BIT 1K [basic]

Solvent-free, polymer-modified, single-component bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 0872


Article No. 0873

Betofix Fill

PCC fine filler

Article No. 1008

Betofix HB [basic]

Mineral-based bonding layer

Article No. 1082

Betofix HQ2

Swellable packing mortar with high early strength

Article No. 0554

Betofix HQ3 [basic]

Swellable, high-strength grout

Article No. 1064

Betofix HQ6

High-strength, swellable grouting concrete

Article No. 0556

Betofix QR2

Fast-acting, swellable grout

Article No. 1063

Betofix R2

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 1093

Betofix R4

Fibre-reinforced PCC for static renovation of concrete structures

Article No. 1096

Betofix R4 EM [basic]

High-strength PCC screed mortar

Article No. 1086

Betofix R4 SR

Fibre-reinforced PCC/SPCC for the static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 1084

Betofix RM

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 1092