Stripping agent and graffiti remover

Article No. 1368

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid PVC & wood that protects against rust and seals off substances in the wood

Article No. 5420

Water-based, coloured wood stain

Article No. 2350

0000713203 Aqua MSL 45 sm

Decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors

Article No. 7130

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, with rust protection and sealing action against substances contained in wood

Article No. 7147

Single-component, fire-resistant, light-fast, durable colour varnish

Article No. 3802

Water-based, opaque coating for windows, doors and other valuable wood elements

Article No. 7200


Water-based high-build stain with very good levelling properties for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 7220

Article No. 3806

Single-component, easy-to-sand filler for opaque varnishes

Article No. 3265

0000382120 Aqua SL 414

Extremely fast-drying, clear 1K finish

Article No. 3820

Transparent, single-component finish with high durability

Article No. 5310

Single-component, high-solids, abrasion-resistant finish

Article No. 2372

Water-based one-pot coating system with a sealing effect for high-value wooden structures

Article No. 7090