Synthetic Resin Flooring

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Article No. 6880

Pigment paste

Article No. 6975

Conductive coating

Article No. 6831

Pigmented roller coating (high build coating)

Article No. 6751

Filler mixture with a special aggregate grading curve

Article No. 6898

Accelerator in the Remmers QP System

Article No. 6394

Dissipative, pigmented sealant

Article No. 6301

Coloured flakes for fully broadcast blinding

Article No. 5590

Crack-bridging protective coating

Article No. 6370

Water-based, pigmented, matt sealant

Article No. 4551

Self-adhesive copper tape

Article No. 6320

Water-based, pigmented levelling layer and base coat

Article No. 6278

Admixture for synthetic resin mortars

Article No. 6191

Pigmented roll-on coating or topcoat

Article No. 6344

Transparent epoxy resin with a low tendency to yellow

Article No. 0936

Fast primer for for slightly moist substrates

Article No. 0916

Special, substrate-tolerant primer

Article No. 1160

Transparent priming and mortar resin

Article No. 1431

Dissipative, chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating