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Article No. 1064

Swellable, high-strength grout

Article No. 1157

Thixotropic primer resin

Article No. 1028

Machine-workable jointing mortar with high sulphate resistance for embedding spiral anchors

Article No. 1086

High-strength PCC screed mortar

Article No. 1428

Chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

Article No. 1295

Accelerator for epoxy resins

Article No. 222020

Solvent-free, skin-forming peel-off paste for water-free removal of dust, soot and other impurities

Article No. 260281

Article No. 2909

Article No. 2810

Bonding layer and coating for mineral substrates with low absorbency

Article No. 2976

Highly elastic facade coating

Article No. 3880

E-glass reinforcement fabric covered with polymeric plastics

Article No. 2806

Filling compound and surface filler

Article No. 3631

Slip-resistant, silk-matt sealant

Article No. 3014

Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts (MWG; AbP as per PG-MDS/FPD) and bitumen thick coatings (PMBC; U report according to DIN EN 15814)

Article No. 2984

High quality, low-emission interior wall paint with micro-silver as a film preservative for protection against fungal attack

Article No. 3633

Transparent, silk-matt sealant