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Article No. 6747

Filler mixture with a special aggregate grading curve

Article No. 6671

Water-based transverse conducting layer

Article No. 1072

Mineral primer with highly strengthening effect

Article No. 1810

Single-component, solvent-free, strengthening silicification concentrate

Article No. 2330

Weather protection paint for wood and other substrates in indoor and outdoor areas

Article No. 1368

Stripping agent and graffiti remover

Article No. 1008

PCC fine filler

Article No. 0943

Two-component, solvent-free, heavy-duty epoxy resin mortar

Article No. 1027

Cement-lime jointing mortar for new buildings

Article No. 1160

Transparent priming and mortar resin

Article No. 0944

Rigid two-component EP resin

Article No. 1093

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 1096

Fibre-reinforced PCC for static renovation of concrete structures

Article No. 1092

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 1050

Capillary active, climate-regulating render, in particular for mould control

Article No. 1045

Cement-free joint mortar

Article No. 1431

Conductive, chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

Article No. 1224

Pigmented primer and base layer