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Article No. 222020

Solvent-free, skin-forming peel-off paste for water-free removal of dust, soot and other impurities

Article No. 260281

Article No. 222050

Mineral mortar for natural stone restoration, made from natural stone and a mineral binder

Article No. 0220

Mortar improver based on an aqueous polymer dispersion

Article No. 0430

Rigid mineral waterproofing grout with high resistance to sulphate

Article No. 0570

Filler for the Remmers KSE module system

Article No. 0512

Fast-setting mortar for finely textured surface decoration on new and old stucco

Article No. 0511

Quick hardening mortar for sculpting stucco cores

Article No. 0505

Infiller mortar

Article No. 0560

"True" silicone resin paint with filling properties

Article No. 0517

Universal cementing and reinforcement mortar

Article No. 0408

Mineral fine render

Article No. 0426

Waterproofing filler with high sulphate resistance

Article No. 0445

Single-component flexible waterproofing grout

Article No. 0402

WTA-compliant restoration render for masonry subjected to moisture and salt loads

Article No. 0401

Salt storing, WTA-compliant pore undercoat render in restoration render system for masonry subjected to moisture and salt loads

Article No. 0588

Mineral stone substitution mortar, pourable

Article No. 0246