Undercoat Render

Levelling and pore undercoat render, low alkali Undercoat render according to WTA Code of Practice 2-9-04/D and DIN EN 998-1 for single layer applications up to 40 mm thick.

Range of use / Property profile
Range of use
  • &#9632
  • Undercoat render and pore undercoat render for restoring old buildings and masonry work, especially render bases with salt loads&#9632
  • Especially for subsequent coat-ing with one of the Remmers Restoration Renders&#9632
  • For preparing the substrate and for levelling the entire surface of highly uneven render bases&#9632
  • As a filling and levelling mortar on rubble stone masonry work&#9632
  • For all mineral wall building materials suitable for the appli-cation of render such as ma-sonry brick, sand-lime brick, concrete, aerated concrete, rubble stone and lime-cement and cement render (indoors and outdoors).
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