Preparatory Mortar

Special preparatory mortar according to WTA

Range of use / Property profile
Range of use
  • Component in the Kiesol Waterproofing Systems and Remmers Restoration Render Systems
  • For preparing the substrate before cementitious renders are applied
  • For normalising differing absorption behaviour of the render base, e.g. on porous brick, natural stone or mixed masonry work
  • As a bonding layer for dense or poorly absorbent render bases, e.g. interior waterproofing, concrete, dense and smooth brick
Property profile
  • Remmers Preparatory Mortar is a factory-mixed, dry mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water and sets hydraulically.
  • Easy to apply, good adhesion capacity
  • Highly sulphate resistant with a low active alkali content
  • Provides good anchorage for subsequently applied layers of render
  • Resistant to water, weather and frost and water vapour permeable
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