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Two-Family Home, Syke, Germany

Wood preservation – wood houses / wood facades
Induline UV LW 786

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin, Germany

Concrete restoration
Corrosion protection: Funcosil Mineral Rust Inhibitor
Reprofiling: Betofix RM
Impregnation: Funcosil IC Cream
Coating: Funcosil Concrete Acrylic

Hotel Ellington, Berlin, Germany

Floor coating – decorative systems
Poured asphalt: primed with Remmers PUR InduColor
Flow coating with 2.2 kg/m² Remmers PUR InduColor, RAL 9002
Sealant: Remmers PUR Color Top M, RAL 9002
Within the course of a year, a total area of 1,100 m² were coated in
sections of 300-400 m², depending on the progress of the construction