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Water Tower, Eppenheim, Germany

Facade restoration / brick
Facade cleaning: Mist Blasting Technique
Renewal of joints: Grout Jointing in the Funcosil System
Hydrophobizing: Hydro impregnation

Karlsruhe Castle, Germany

Facade restoration / render
Facade cleaning (partial areas): Alkutex products
Coating (partial areas): Silicone Resin Paint System LA

Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany

Floor coating – slip-retarding systems (total area 3000 m²)
Epoxy resin screed: 300 tonnes (thickness of the layer in some areas
5-8 cm high)
Coating: Epoxyflex Coating PH
Sealant: ArtiTop m Plus

Bosch Mansion in Heidelberg, Germany

Facade restoration / render
Facade cleaning: Mist Blasting Technique
Renewal of render: Restoration Render System
Coating: Silicone Resin Paint System LA

Town Hall, Duderstadt, Germany

Facade restoration / natural stone
Facade: Cleaning with Soil Dissolvent
Hydrophobizing treatment: Funcosil SNL
Coating: Scumble coating in the Silicone Resin Paint System

Facade restoration / framework
Salt treatment in interior areas with Sulfatex Liquid
Renewal of render with trass/lime mortar

Volkswagen Hall, Braunschweig, Germany

Floor coating
Primer: Epoxy ST 100
Base layer: PUR Inducolor, 2-component, tough-elastic
Sealant: PUR ColorTop m, single component, matt, pigmented

Mentessori School, Pankow, Berlin, Germany

Building waterproofing – with ground contact, subsequent

Remmers Kiesol, Sulfatex Grout, Profi Tight, DS System Protection,
ElastoGrout 1K, Flex Cement, Flex Joint, Multi-Sil

Building waterproofing – restoration of masonry work
Waterproofing Filler, Restoration Render

Wood preservation – preventive / controlling
Adolit M liquid